Intervention Design

For the final paper, you will write an intervention paper for your conflict. You have already mapped your conflict and analyzed it theoretically in previous assignments. In this paper, you will (1) evaluate the origins and the stage of the conflict and (2) will make suggestions to solve this conflict.

1. First, discuss previous interventions done by the conflicting parties or 3rd parties to manage, prevent, or resolve the conflict based on your previous research.

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Intervention Design
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2. Then, discuss critically how these interventions impacted the whole conflict process and then, make your suggestions to bring the parties or the situation to a more positive conclusion.

3. Based on your previous mapping and analysis in the midterm paper, briefly discuss how the theories explain the conflict at hand and its dynamics while discussing the origins, and the stage of the conflict. Don’t go at length for this section as you have already submitted an assignment about theories.

4. Then suggest appropriate conflict intervention methods and design an intervention that you think will be more constructive and sustainable for the parties. Please do not forget to discuss why the method(s) you offered is the most appropriate one.


• The paper should be between 10-15 pages double-spaced, 0.5’ margins, pages numbered, and proper formatting.

• Your paper should have an introduction and a conclusion.

• Make sure to use proper citation (in-text and a reference list).

• All Citation styles are accepted as long as they are conventional and used consistently throughout the paper.

• Feel free to use graphs and visuals, including a legend (explanation of the symbols) and a paragraph at least explaining the graph.

• Do not forget that you must use only in-course materials in your paper except the content directly related to your conflict case. For instance, when you discuss a theory, you should discuss it with reference to your in-course materials. When you talk about certain incidents in the conflict, you will need to refer to outside sources.


I have attached the Theoretical paper that you must read before doing this assignment since it is connected. Please make sure it is not plagiarized since the paper is gonna go through safe-assign. Don’t worry about in-course material citation, but do cite the rest of the references in MLA format.

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