Old age may come with a few disadvantages. It is possible to have Lanesha’s grandmother preoccupied with other aspects of her life, and may be incapable of thinking critically about what her granddaughter needs. Marietta may have a tough time having a normal routine with all the people under her care (Cross Cultural Health Care 1). It is next to impossible to look after two children and an older person, while being expected to remember every detail of their lives. It may be easier if she was a little bit younger, but it is an issue many individuals face. It is also a daunting task trying to carry on with one’s daily life when other individuals are in need of attention and care.

Lanesha’s situation is tricky to many individuals. It is difficult to cater to a growing child who is in such a condition while all alone. Lanesha is trying to cope with the situation in her own way. In most cases, people tend to react to their situation in a way to suggest they are handling their condition. Lanesha, in this case, tends to lash out at everything and everyone around her. It is a common phenomenon among individuals who might feel helpless when under such situations (Cross Cultural Health Care 1). It is an emotional reaction toward her condition, which suggests that she does not like depending on others to carry out basic functions.

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Marietta, on the other hand, chooses to look at it differently in that, she wishes she was not responsible for her grandchildren and aging mother. This is explained her lack of interest in Lanesha’s medication when she says it is not her responsibility to do so. This is an indicator of strong, pent up emotions of hurt and sadness, which seem to be the order of the day in her life. Futility is another common indicator of her feelings toward the situation she might be facing (Cross Cultural Health Care 1).

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