Introduction to social work.

I believe that most people would take precautions in life if they knew that their genetics can play a role in what diseases they are likely to suffer from. If I knew about some of my inherited diseases that I would likely suffer from during my life then I would change my lifestyle to reduce the risks.

I would have to draw the line at checking for inherited diseases though because I feel that it is unethical to check for diseases that are not inherited. These types of diseases are contracted more through lifestyle, but it is still possible to check for them at an early stage in life. With advances in technology, it will become possible to check for diseases that could never previously be found. this will create some advantages but also some negatives too.

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Introduction to social work.
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For Kristen Powers, an 18-year-old North Carolina woman, Huntingtons disease is a real possibility. Along with her younger brother Nate, Kristen has an even chance of inheriting the disease after their mom died from the disease at the age of 45 in 2011 (Lloyd, 2012). Whereas Kristen is prepared to undergo testing, her 16-year-old brother is unsure whether he wants to find out if Huntingtons disease will affect him at some stage during his life. The law states that only people aged 18 or older can be tested. this is because a positive result can be life-shattering news and also some level of maturity is required to make such an important decision (Lloyd, 2012). The chance to predict future diseases only became possible due to the Human Genome Project in 2003, which allowed researchers to identify key genes that contribute towards diseases (Lloyd, 2012). The process of testing for inherited diseases is still relatively new, and not everyone agrees from a moral standpoint that it is the right thing to do. Some people are of the opinion that we should live life as if we dont know what will happen in the future.

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