Inventory Management.


This book covers on the importance of keeping inventory which includes addressing time lags, seasonal demand, appreciation of value and facing uncertainties among others. Additionally, it covers on the special terms applied in inventory, inventory examples and principles of inventory proportionality.

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Inventory Management.
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The book focuses at discussing the accounts for inventory in reference to the Generally Accepted Accounting Practices as well as Financial Accounting Standard Board. Additionally, the book covers the role of inventory accounting and the high-level inventory management that is applied by organizations.

This book focuses at compiling most recently advances, concepts, ideas and challenges related to intelligent modeling as well as simulation frameworks and applications. While the first chapter looks at the important aspects of correct interpretation, other chapters cover the central theme of simulation frameworks.

The book covers the cost concepts and terms, profit measurement, and cost accumulation for inventory valuation. Other inventory related concepts covered by the book include cost-volume-profit analysis, activity based costing, profitability analysis, taxation, information for planning, quantitative methods to management accounting and controlling of stock.

This journal discusses the current topic related to management accounting that researchers and other academician can apply. Some of the notable areas covered by the text include research and development, capital budgeting, investment decision in modular manufacturing systems while applying critical thinking as well as decisions in information technology firms.

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