Investgative Report.


also a supervisor who carries out frequent walking in routines observing the work of all employees as well as collecting money from the cashiers to be banked in between business hours. A manager’s office is situated at the back of the store and his work is also to observe the CCTV for any illegal or suspicious activities inside the shop.

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Success of this establishment based on my observation comes from the dedication of the employees towards the customers. They greet the customer and are very polite even to those demanding and rude customers. This is an important virtue in any organization as rude and uncooperative employees drive customers away. The relationship between the employees and the supervisor is not authoritative but democratic. The employees therefore do not tense when the supervisor is around and actually are able to tell him what they need. This communication and teamwork is important. The manager being in control of the CCTV provides employees space they need to work as well as keep abreast of all their activities which is easier for monitoring and performance appraisal. The fact that the location of the retail store is on the highway also contributes to its success as it means an endless supply of customers from both the travellers and the locals as it is convenient.

The one thing I observed that is done well in Bi-mart is that it has almost everything necessary for shoppers and they do not have to look for other stores to get other suppliers. This has therefore ensured that they never lack customers. When people are not buying clothes, they can buy food, or hardware products or even kitchen appliances or even medicinal drugs as they have even a pharmacy. This convenience is what has ensured its sustainability and continued expansion from a small to the large store it currently is.

Their organization of their products in the different sections is not very good and actually is confusing.

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