Investigative Lab Proposal.

eshwater that has a pH of 6.0–8.0, a 5.0–19.0 dGH water hardness and 4 to 41 °C temperature range Despite they they may not survive long enough at higher temperatures. Infact, they are taken to be not suited to living in a tropical fish tank that is heated, as they are employed to the greater oxygen amount in unheated tanks as well heat can burn them. (Copp and Sayer, 2010)

Materials: Infrared gas analyzer, Fish tank with a heater, three gold fish, thermometer and two hot water bags. For this experiment, Gold fish 1 will be placed directly into the fish Tank with temperature near to 40c . Gold fish 2 will be placed in fish tank with room temperature. Gold fish 3 will be placed in fish tank with a temperature near to 4o0c.The temperature recording will be done through placing the thermometer in the fish tank. The machine will be expected to match after every five minutes. Alteration will be done at different points.

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The experiment will be carried out to ascertain if temperature has a significant effect on respiration rates of the Gold fish. It is based on the fact that there is kinetic energy alteration of enzymes involved in respiration with change in temperature thus its rate of reaction can either be faster or slower

Copp GH, Sayer CD (2010) Norfolk Biodiversity Action Plan – Local species action plan for crucian carp ( Carassius carassius).

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