Investment Decisions and Financial statement Analysis on Facebook Inc.


The ratios such as efficiency, liquidity, profitability and leverage are calculated so as to depict whether Amazon is the right company to invest the lump sum amount of money that is received by Hector. The findings revealed that the financial condition of Amazon is weak with respect to its competitors such as eBay Inc. Hence, the investment decision in the shares of Amazon is not wise for Hector and it is further assured by the share price analysis of the company.

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Investment Decisions and Financial statement Analysis on Facebook Inc.
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Order Essay Inc. is regarded as the most popular American online retailer, which aims at selling various products and services over online platform through subsidiaries. The company has its operation in about 11 counties and also ships its products and services internationally (, Inc., 2014a). The company has grown steadily over the past few years and has been the one of the best online retailers in the world. The mission of Amazon is to become the most consumer-centric company in the world by providing right type of products and services to the customers online at lowest possible prices (, Inc., 2014a). The company employs the mission as the vision and thus makes it less valuable for a communication tool. They aim at providing the best quality products to its customers by employing the latest technology. This helps the company to acquire loyal customers and also maintain the interest of the shareholders even after maintaining its profit (, Inc., 2014a).

Amazon has several team worldwide, who are working for the customers. These teams provide reliable and fast shipping directly from the retail website of the company that deliver 24X7 services. Moreover, the technology team of Amazon is located in Seattle and is designed in such a manner that it can be tapped as the best technical talent in the world (, Inc., 2014a).

The company employs multi-level strategies for targeting its customers.

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