Irish Catholic Church.


The Church was the moral watch dog of Irish society, which was reflected in the Irish Law. This influence of the Catholic Church was diluted leading to the dilution of the strength of influence that the Catholic Church had over all spheres of life in Ireland (Social Changes).

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Irish Catholic Church.
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The present generation of Catholics in Ireland no longer demonstrated the same devotion that their parents demonstrated to the Catholic Church and in that show a detachment from the institutional church. These changes in Catholic belief and practice have resulted in the reduced attachment for the morals and values that emanate from the institution of the Catholic Church (Inglis, 2007).

This reduced attachment for Catholic morals and values as dictated by the Catholic Church has meant the diminished influence of the Catholic moral against excess of economic prosperity and the diminished concentration of the Irish people on an attempt to reunite Protestant dominated Northern Ireland with Ireland. This change in the morals and values of the people of Ireland have allowed for the people of Ireland to concentrate on agricultural and industrial growth and development (Shirlow, 2003).

The decline of the Irish Catholic Church in Ireland has seen the rise of new a religion in Ireland and that is the religion of economic growth that leads to prosperity in society. It is this embracing of the religion of economic growth that has influenced changes in the industrial and agricultural spheres of activity in Ireland and Ireland earning the name of the Celtic Tiger (Gormley, 2000).

The result of removal of the narrowed concentration of the people of Ireland on Northern Ireland coupled with the embracing of the religion of economic growth and prosperity has resulted in the dramatic changes in the industry and agriculture in Ireland, leading to Ireland becoming wealthy from the mid-1990s.

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