Is watchmen a good book for education.


Its setting is in the alternate United States history where these superheroes strongly emerge to assist the US win the Vietnam War during the 1940s and 1960s (Harvey, 1996, p. 66). The nuclear war is looming close by between the United States and the Soviet Union, with most of the costumed freelance vigilantes outlawed and the costumed superheroes are either serving the government or have retired.

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Is watchmen a good book for education.
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The story therefore mainly focuses on the protagonists’ struggles and personal development. The sudden murder of a superhero under the government’s sponsorship begins investigations which eventually pulls the protagonist from their retirement leading them into war to confront a discovered plot intended to start a nuclear war meant to destroy millions of innocent people.

As we shall soon find out, the ‘watchmen’ is no doubt a book that should be used as an educational material because it covers many facets of the literally requirements. Although it was initially designed and written as a mere comic book to provide aesthetical satisfaction of its time, it doesn’t have many rivals of its nature to match. The entire plot, setting, characters, the theme, figurative language, and science-art fiction interrelations are just but a few features of this book that eminently presents themselves even to a layman reader as masterfully structured pieces. In addition, the more perceptions of different categories of personalities are well integrated in the book to give the reader a high degree of determining and comprehending the ones which are more comprehensible than others. This book therefore acts as an individual ethic meter.

The ‘watchmen’ is very appropriate to use as a literally educational books it cuts across many boundaries of human life in general. For example, its composition and art aspect can, to some extent be equated to the classical or even oriental literally works.

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