Jeddah city.


Perhaps it is the Red Sea that really defines Jeddah. Due to its location, the primary source of income for the city is the trade done on the port. Products from the sea are exported while products from foreign countries are imported through the port. Jeddah’s tourism is also made rich because of the Red Sea. There are various beaches that attract tourists from around the world. Aside from picnicking, people may also enjoy fishing from the Red Sea. The best place to go would be Jeddah Corniche although there are still other sites you can go fishing. Other water sports are also available like swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The best time to visit the city when you want to experience the beauty of the beaches is from October until May. The temperature during these months makes it ideal for tourists to have maximum enjoyment.

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When you visit the city, you will notice that there are people of different races and religions. Of course the large part of the population is Muslim but there are also other religions practiced in the city. However, only Muslims are allowed to build their place of worship and publicly profess their faith. Practice of other religions are demanded to be done in private so, just a note for those who strongly profess a religion other than Islam, precautions must be taken not to offend a people who highly value their religion. Although there are restrictions for other religions to be publicly expressed, the aim of the government is not to demand people to be converted to Islam but its desire is for our religion to be respected as others would want Muslims to respect them. This is an integral part of the Jeddah, therefore, as any other tourism place, it is requested that the religious demands should be considered with respect. This is a part of Jeddah’s culture or to make it more accurate, this is Jeddah’s culture.

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