Johnny Lingo.


Same is the case with Mahana when she is living with her father where her worth is not realized. However it is seen that once a person develops self love he/she can progress and bring a change in this world. And the same happens in the case of Mahana as she is able to become a beautiful lady after she realizes her self worth. Not only this, the story also tells the viewers that every individual can create a difference in another individual’s life and this difference can bring a huge impact on his life. The story tells that Mahana is an ugly lady in her own house because she cannot develop a personality of her own as she is not able to develop self love. She has always been degraded and disgraced in her house by her father and because of this she cannot create an identity of her own. However Johnny Lingo creates this self love for Mahana as he makes her realize that her worth in this world is more than eight cows. And later on it is seen that Mahana turns out to be a lady who is very beautiful. Thus in conclusion it can be said that the personality of an individual is developed only because he/she is able to realize his/her importance in the world as was in the case of Mahana.

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Johnny Lingo.
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Self love can be described as the love for one’s own self. It can tell the individual how much he is worth in his own eyes and this usually is developed by the surroundings of an individual. Self love is a very important aspect of life as it tends to curb the personality of an individual and have great impact on him. It can make the individual respect or disgrace himself and thus can lead to either successes or failures in life.

In order to create self love for an individual I personally can help him in several ways. The foremost way of growing self love in my eyes is to make the person realize his worth. I can do this by telling him that he/she is the most wonderful person I have ever met in this world.

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