Juvenile Justice.

The courts treat young offenders from black and Hispanic origin with much leniency, as compared to their white counterparts. The socio-economic background of the juvenile delinquents also affects their court ruling.

In my view, the courts should only consider reasonable factors such as age as the only extralegal factor to in determining the cases of young offenders, since some offenders may be too young to know of their crimes. The Courts should avoid considering certain unnecessary aspects such as gender and race. This is because it heightens cases of juvenile felonies, due to the biases depicted in courts.

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Juvenile Justice.
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In ensuring that the courts uphold juvenile rights, the defense counsels should fight for the speedy trial of the juvenile offenders. They should ensure that the charges against young offenders reduce to reasonable levels. Additionally, the counsels should promote fairness in juvenile cases. They should ensure that courts release juvenile delinquents in time, in cases of minor offenses.

A Guardian ad litem is a qualified individual, who the court selects to represent children, other youths and unborn babies in court trials. They are in charge of examining the children they represent, and thus act in response to the child’s psychological and legislation requirements. Additionally, they are responsible for gathering pertinent facts regarding the juvenile court proceedings (Hesse & Lawrence, 2009). They also interrogate witnesses, provide evidences and advise the court to put juveniles to custody and visitation processes.

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