Knowledge Management ACADEMIC REPORT.


The following report is a critical analysis of the A&E knowledge management (KM) strategies. The report also reveals how different organizational factors in the department affect the hospitals strategies of managing knowledge.

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Knowledge Management ACADEMIC REPORT.
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St Mary Hospital aims to provide specialized patient-centered care to all its clients. The hospital personnel strives to optimize the experience of the patient by facilitating the provision of innovative health care. The staffs of the hospital takes part in training and research and use the evidence they gather to offer quality care. Every other day, experts in the medical field, discover new methods of managing patients. Researchers need to disseminate the knowledge to the people on the ground to increase its usefulness. In St Mary Hospital, the management of the hospital provides enough resources for training and updating the A&E nurses. However, there are no changes in patient outcomes, and mortality rates are still high. One of the objectives of the organization is to improve clinical outcomes of patients. Hence, a critical appraisal of the organizational factors breaking the chain of KM is necessary for the survival of the hospital.

In today’s world, ineffective use of knowledge in an organization could be detrimental to its performance. Knowledge is crucial to the survival and success of every hospital, firm, company, and project (Hislop, 2013). There are new health care providers, enterprises, hospitals, entrepreneurs and service providers flooding the market every minute of every day. Therefore, every firm desires to gain competitive advantage over the others to secure and a place in the global market. The purpose of managing knowledge in the company is to maximize its learning related effectiveness (Greiner, et al., 2007). Likewise, in medical centres, knowledge is of utmost importance.

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