Known Information about Dolphins Research.

They are relatively new creatures, appearing on the earth during the Miocene period, which was roughly ten million years ago. They give birth to single calves near the surface of the sea so that the calf would not drown. They are also literally half-asleep when they sleep. They are like these because they can’t afford to sleep with two brain hemispheres “shut off” because they will drown. They have to breathe air once in a while to do that.Dolphins have huge brains. They have even bigger brains than us humans. However, their intelligence centers are still smaller compared to human brains, that’s why we are still smarter compared to them. They also look like they smile all the time because of the way their mouths curve.&nbsp.I have stumbled upon dolphin rights advocacies in my research about dolphins. As you would know, most dolphin species are considered endangered, that’s why they are protected. However, in some parts of the globe, dolphins are still hunted. They are hunted because of food, and they are tortured as well. In a certain place in Japan, there are almost 20 000 dolphins killed helplessly in a cove every year, just for commercial gain or for food. Yes, some places have dolphins as a delicacy. However, it is not safe to eat dolphins, even if they are tasty, since they have high mercury levels in their bloodstream. Constant exposure to dolphin meat would also make you at risk for mercury poisoning.Other people also hunt dolphins because for entertainment.

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Known Information about Dolphins Research.
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