Kurt’s Vonnegut’s story Harrison Bergeron.


These lines prove that the government has tried its best to prevent any sort of impartiality to the extent that even an over intelligent person like George should not belittle the importance of an individual like Hazel with lesser intelligence. So the values of the world of 2081 comprise implementation of absolute equality, no jealousies and disputes hence demolishment of any form of superiority.

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 Kurt’s Vonnegut’s story Harrison Bergeron.
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2. Various private and government sector educational institutes tend to practice certain set of specific rules such as prohibition of partiality on the basis of color, avoidance of favoritism amongst students because of intelligence or wealth etc. Such acts do not constitute as unlawful or wrong although it is against American idea of individualism. According to American laws one should compete and struggle and every individual should be able to retain his/her individuality. However it is the right of every individual to expect equal treatment so there appears to be a conflict because both perspectives are in complete opposition of one another. Moreover since human beings are unable to practice healthy competition it is extremely unfair for people with lesser intelligence to be regarded as useless.

3. The conversation of George and Hazel gives an insight of the author’s perspective regarding the reasons for unlawfulness and chaos in the current times because he believes that when some people are given concessions and favors from which others are deprived then this forms the basis of all other inequalities and injustices in the society. Moreover it is natural human instinct and reaction that when an individual has some special qualities he begins to consider himself superior consequently at times they start believing that they are invincible and hence they begin to tyrannize or dictate others.

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