Law and Ethics in education.


For a student to be eligible for accommodation, the student must provide the university with evidence of their disability. This is done by providing the director of tutoring with documentation from a licensed professional which determines the level of disability. This is important in ensuring that the student is given as much assistance as the level of his or her disability. This also protects resources of the disabled from being misused by students falsely claiming to be handicapped.

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Law and Ethics in education.
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If a continuing student identifies himself or herself to be disabled, he or she may contact the Director of Tutoring and Disability Services. The director can refer the student to a credible outside agency for testing. This caters for those who did not either report or have a disability at the period of joining the university. It also reduces the chances of a potentially handicapped student subscribing to substandard treatment from incompetent practitioners.

Documentation of a disability condition must have been done within the past three years. Documentations older than 3 years are highly unreliable. This is because the disability level may have increased or reduced. Any change in disability assists the university actualize any extra special needs that the student may have in order to assist him or her as much as possible.

Documentation defining the nature of the disability should be detailed. It should indicate how the student is disadvantaged by the disability. It should also recommend the type or accommodation best suited for the student. This helps the university to allocate the most suitable shelter for the student and helps the accommodation department understand fully the needs of the student.

Information about a student’s disability is treated with utmost confidentiality by the university. All the records regarding disability are stored safely and away from unauthorised access.

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