All these information will propel Ted’s business further to the ladder of success.

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Ted’s business is involved leasing of bikes, ordering of new bikes from the supplier, keeping sales records and many other business activities. Technology for instance computerization of leasing process so that it can be done only can effectively impact positively on the business.

The use of e-commerce in has revolutionized businesses around the world. Ted’s business can integrate an online shopping cat on their website so that customers are able to purchase their products irrespective of their geographical location. This will greatly increase the number of sales.

Supply chain management (SCM) will enable Old Dominion Trail Bikes to smoothly carryout the entire operations of its interconnected sections of the business. It will enable Ted as the owner of the business plan, implement and carry out effective monitoring and evaluation of the performance of Old Dominion Trail Bikes.

If Old Dominion Trail Bikes uses an effective CRM, it will be able to provide maximum support to their client while collecting relevant information about their tastes and preferences. As a result, the business will experience increase in sales.

Before the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning, Ted will have to look at the resource his business has and the quality control of the plan.

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