Leadership and Management in Nursing.


Our nursing values are based on passion, respect, integrity, and on delivering the best healthcare services. Based on the above mission, vision, and values of our organization and of the nursing department, this paper shall now analyse such elements and discuss the extent to which these values are reflected in the nursing management and leadership of the hospital.

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Leadership and Management in Nursing.
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The vision of the organization is to add years of healthy life to the people of Singapore. This vision is common to other health care organizations. This vision statement was able to capture the overall purpose of the organization. Vision statements of healthcare organizations present hopes for the future (Williamson, 1997). They are goals for the long-term and are based on general goals which the organization seeks to gradually obtain through the implementation of more specific objectives. This vision presents what the organization seeks to become as it now seeks to fulfil its mission. In the case of the hospital, it presents its larger goal and realization through its vision of seeking a longer life for the people of Singapore. It is also an inspirational and challenging statement. It presents a lofty and seemingly unobtainable goal, and it cannot stand alone without a more specific set of goals. The mission statements for the organization are closely linked to the organization’s vision.

The mission statement for the organization is more specific in attaining and reaching the organization’s end goal. It specifies its nature as an organization – that of building tradition. reaching out to the community. doing best to serve, care and heal. and of aiming for excellence in cost effective healthcare education and research. Mission statements for the organization are laid out in order to specify the products and services offered by the organization (Swayne, Ginter, & Duncan, 2006)

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