Leadership in Practice (MSC Business and management).

gled with the work and it had led to a situation where pace of work had become slower compared to what it was before the implementation of the system. The productivity of the organization had suffered as a result and the outcome was almost paradoxical. Lack of computer knowledge and miscommunication between departments were the chief factors that had led to the conflict. The employees became frustrated unable to complete their individual tasks let alone the organizational goals. The sales department was exceptionally late in uploading the reports which in turn delayed the marketing department in their course of action.

The senior manager was baffled at the outcome and could not comprehend the way in which this impasse could be resolved. The individual departments blamed each other for the delay in work and this made the whole organization suffer. The subordinates started to blame the senior management and the working environment became healthy.

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Leadership in Practice (MSC Business and management).
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I was working in the marketing department of Ledus Manufacturing. I believe that the leadership style was the management was the main reason that had led to this problem in the first place. The idea was a novel one as fast working could result in catering to a large number of clients and improved the profitability of the organization. I think the leadership style exhibited by the CEO of the company was essentially a transactional one which was based on a goal-reward based approach without addressing the internal dynamics of the problems (Northouse, 2012). The CEO had clearly mentioned the benefits that could be achieved if the goals could be met by the employees. This was mainly to motivate the employees and help them achieve their individual goals. The theories of leadership state that, in transactional leadership, the leader uses path goal framework to achieve organizational goals.

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