Leadership observation.


For this reason, this paper discusses a leadership observation activity that was conducted in the crossroad nursing home and rehabilitation center in Davenport Florida.

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Leadership observation.
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Crossroad nursing home and rehabilitation center in Davenport Florida is a facility with a bed capacity of sixty. The mission statement of crossroad nursing home and rehabilitation center is to commit to quality care and services to acknowledge, clarify, meet and exceed the expectations of the clients. The facility cares for the health needs of both the patients who need specialized nursing care, as well as those with rehabilitation needs. However, a small facility, Crossroad offers a perfect environment for enhancement of both social and medical health. The medical and non-medical staff maintains a cordial and cooperative, friendly relationship from the administrative level to the housekeepers. Working as a regular staff nurse, I managed to follow and observe L.C, who is a BSN and the unit manager. L.C being the manager of the entire units is in charge of all the sixty patients who are the residents of the facility. This work requires constant interaction with the staff and the patients. L.C maintains a cordial relationship with the director of nursing who is her supervisor in the unit.

Following and observing L.C as my leader model, I realized she employed a transformational and democratic leadership approach where she influenced her juniors with motivation and need for achievement of objectives (Denhardt & Campbell, 2006). I realized the unit manager was categorical with time management and execution of duty among the employees under her supervision. L.C reports daily and begins by inquiring for the presence of all the staff on duty, this is followed by making a follow up on any staff who may not be present, this goes to a level where she calls the clients to inquire the reason for lateness, and then proceeds to make a work schedule for the day.

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