Learning experiences.


Bexley Public School, consisting of 320 and located in Sydney’s southern suburbs, is a middle-sized school perfect for this unit. This school has students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The school takes pride in its diversity. 87.9% of students are from language backgrounds other than English (there are 34 different spoken languages in the school).

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 Learning experiences.
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The school provides a range of programs for children, such as joining the National Partnership for the students’ literacy to be enhanced. The school celebrate holidays such as Harmony Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and Christmas.

This unit is suitable for stage 1, year 2, as it teaches them about the different celebrations in their community. More specifically, it teaches them to accept and value the way other people celebrate the same celebrations but in different ways. For instance, there are different ways to celebrate a birthday. As there is a wide range of cultures, it is important for the students to understand the different types of celebrations and how they are celebrated so they can learn how to accept and tolerate people of other cultures.

The students will be engaged in researching and participating in different celebrations, as well as talking to guest speakers to understand the unit of celebrations and differences between them. Also, the students must bring their own party decorations to see how each student celebrates. Students will need typing skills. hence, knowledge of Microsoft Word will be necessary.

Students will be aware of the activities they will be doing in class. Each of the learning experiences involves hands-on activities that implements cooperative learning. Also, each learning experience commences with a discussion to check the children’s knowledge and whether they learnt anything from previous lessons. Hence, this will allow a discussion to be formed in which the students can make their own contributions to the topic.

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