Learning Memory.

In psychology, learning has been shown to be dependent on memory especially in studies by Pavlov, Thorndike and Skinner. Learning in psychology then is dependent on memory as it relies on the organism repeating information previously acquired. This information was corroborated by studies by all three psychologists using animals, mostly in lab settings. Evolutionary biologists’ studies point at learning and repetition of behavior that has been rewarded. the behavior is stored in memory, repeated and bettered with time hence the organism gets more adept at performing behavior that ensures its survival (Savage, 2004).

Memory on the other hand is dependent on learning in that it is in learning that an organism acquires new information. Not all information acquired is stored however. discrimination of information in terms of its priority is also important and thus with time, an organism learns what to commit to memory and what not to. Information that is stored in memory then is retrieved and used on a needs basis. It should be noted however, that memory is as much as psychological phenomenon as it is a biological process. Neurobiology and neuroscience has made strides in mapping the areas of the brain e.g. the cerebral cortex, cerebellum, hippocampus and amygdala (Savage, 2004).

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Learning Memory.
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Savage, L. M. (July, 2004). “Animal Models of Memory Disorders Give Insight into How Psychological and Neural Systems Interact.” American Psychological Association.

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