Learning Methods.


A lecture is an exposition of a given subject given out before a class for the main purpose of learning or giving instruction. This is generally a method of teaching by formal discourse with the main purpose of offering an overview of a certain subject and delivering particular information on a specific subject. Lectures are of more importance in providing a synthesis of several researchers and textbooks or give out original or unpublished information. A lecture usually exists in four type’s i.e. participatory lecture, oral essays, problem-solving and textual exegesis. (Nunan, 1992, pg 56) 0728866156,072

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Learning Methods.
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However the oral essay, participatory and textual exegesis is more lecturers coordinated, controlled and they are closer to the traditional model in which a lecture is divided into specific topics and sub-topics and orderly covered. As the problem-solving and participatory varieties are conducted with apparently greater flexibility however it requires a tedious planning (Nunan, 1992, pg 57)

Lectures being the mostly used methods of learning I found it vital in my learning ability but I was always challenged with a number of factors that would not easily allow me have the appropriate learning ability. For instance the big number of students always needed an early wake up in order to catch up with the population in order to have a front sit where u can easily have clear understanding of the lectures. Nevertheless my hard work to be the first among the front chair students inability to clearly understand the language of he lectures made my learning too harder. I would not clearly get the vital contents due to faster speaking lecturers. The large population greatly hindered the understanding ability due to different noises from every part of the room. with my inability to clearly getting the lecture’s fluency this added another burden on it due to message distortion. The most challenging part is when I came late in class.

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