Learning to look.


For instance, the pixelated image is pushed to the greater part of the lower left corner, leaving a smaller edge on the upper right corner of the image for the print message. A closer look also indicates some form of harmony in the image. For instance, the pixelated part is seen to be the image of a building. To create harmony, the letters on the upper right corner are also fashioned in a way to also reproduce the image. There is also some rhythm in the image achieved through the repetition of the P-shaped figures in the pixelated part of the design. However, the image lacks motion as well as focus due to the fact that it does not have a basic or obvious flow of direction.

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 Learning to look.
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The most striking thing about this ad is its lack of attractive colour. The designer uses an image which has been pixelated thus making the image and the whole advert in essence less attractive. In this regard, the advert may be criticised in terms of its ability to attract the audience since people seem to be attracted towards crystal-clear images and warm colours. The advert is geared towards generating curiosity as opposed to any other emotion. In this regard, it has used elements which leave the person wanting to know more. A pixelated image is an icon of hidden details and in this case, it shows that there are hidden details which the individual needs to know. The advert is geared towards getting the individual to log into a certain website and thus its ability to cause the curiosity is important. It offers little detail as to what it is talking about, only giving the reader an opportunity to explore their curiosity in order to guarantee that the audience will be provoked to visit the website. This method is becoming a modern way of advertising because unlike in earlier days, today’s businesses or any advertising parties have websites where the audience can get more information as well as engage them. The context of the ad is also important in deterring the design.

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