Lesson Aids.


Each card contains pictures of various servings of food. Five cards consist of the total number of servings from each food group. These cards carry 5 points. 20 cards comprise specific food portions ranging from three servings to one serving. The points attached to these cards range from three to one respectively. There are also three wild cards displaying oil as a food group but students have been taught that oil is not a food group although a small portion is needed to keep one healthy. Therefore anyone picking an oil card will be required to lose a turn for the next round. An oil card may be cancelled when the player gets a card containing the total number of servings from any particular food group (Cancellation of an oil card is the player’s choice).

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The game begins with each player choosing a card from the 28 stockpile. The player with the highest score on his/her card has the first turn. Each player then picks 5 cards. The first player places one card on the table. In an anti-clockwise manner, the remaining players match the first card using the same food group as displayed on the table ensuring that the recommended daily requirement is not exceeded. The player with the card with the highest points wins that round and ceases the played cards of the opponents. This person plays first in the next round. These ceased cards are put in the player’s basket which would be used to tally the winning score at the end of the game.

When a player does not have a card from the food group displayed on the table, he/she is required to take cards from the stock one at a time until a card belonging to that particular food group is obtained. The game ends when either the stock pile is completed or one player has utilized all the cards in his/her hands.

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