Lesson Plan Reflections

The activities I planned supported the learning objective since they were related to the lesson work and aimed at enabling the student understand the concepts for every lesson. For example, reading the story on time and pointing to the clock to depict the different time mentioned engaged the students since it entailed use of both audio and visual learning aides. This fostered the students to meet the learning objectives. The other activity for the math lesson on time around the world required the students to draw picture to indicate digital times as well as analog time. This meets the objective, which was to enable students to tell time using analog and digital clocks.

I could tell whether the students were successful in achieving the objectives depending on how they performed in the after lesson assessments. For example, the objective of the Social Studies lesson on Girl on the Go was to enable students remember the different countries they had learnt in the history lesson. The story used different monuments in association with different countries. To assess if the students met the objectives, I asked post-reading questions that covered what happened in the beginning middle and end of the story. Moreover, I asked the students to mention the countries that Isabella visited, what the different countries were famous for, and they answered correctly. Additionally, the students were supposed to tell each other countries they had visited, to see if they remembered the previous lessons.

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Lesson Plan Reflections
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I realized that student learn better through activities. For example, after reading the story about the Girl on the Go, I realized that students could easily remember the courtiers mentioned in the story as compared to other countries covered in previous lessons. They would also associate different monuments with the countries where they are located.

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