Liberal Studies | Popular Music and Contemporary U.S. Culture.

Her article helps to feed feministic studies from the perspective of young girls, female rock musicians and role of music in the feminist movement.

Henderson’s article reflects on the beginning of the Disco culture in the music industry. His major claim is that the main difference between disco songs and the northern soul songs of the 1970’s in which disco is founded, was the lyrics. He argues that disco songs primarily avoided the sociopolitical subjects of the 1970’s and concentrated more on subjects that involved love, sex, partying and dancing. He claims that disco was and will still remain a danceable genre that will be suited for partying. The significance of Henderson’s article lies in his claim. By claiming that disco is primarily a danceable and partying genre in music, scholars and historians will form arguments in support and opposition to this claim. The article is also important in tracing the origins of disco music.

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Liberal Studies | Popular Music and Contemporary U.S. Culture.
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Franks article, Disco-phobia looks back at the 1979 culmination of Disco demolition. In his article, Frank argues that the anti-disco movement was not a revolt of disco itself as a socially acceptable music culture but it was a revolt against the identities that were associated with disco Music. He proposes that there was a general perception in society that disco was gay and homo/heterosexual definitions. Franks paper is important in the study of anti-gay and prejudice in society from the perspective of music. He claims that the destruction of Disco in 1979 was not only a big leap backwards in the music industry but also the beginning of public and violent prejudice against male and female same sex relationships.

Lipsitz claims in her article that hip hop music has been a victim of moral panic by older people especially black older people who have tried to link the social delinquency amongst black youths on the rise of gangster rap.

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