Life in the Internment Camps.


In some odd incidences, the internees had to eat in such places. Similarly, the camps were described as unfavorable to human existence. This is in reflection to the conditions of the internment camps (Wilkinson 7). For example, the lives of the people in the internment camps had limited or no privacy. They had to live like a community through their daily activities. Without privacy, human beings are not satisfied. In addition to this, the people in the internment camps did not have freedom of movement. They were required to stay in the internment camps all through. As such, they had minimal movement, which was also guarded. The freedom of the people in the camps was jeopardized, which made life unbearable. In fact, the people in the internment camps considered it a jail sentence.

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Life in the Internment Camps.
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The military was instrumental in initiating the internment camps to house the Japanese population. It had a role to play, especially in providing food, shelter, and accommodation. Similarly, it was to provide the transportation of the internees. The life in the camps was not easy, especially when focusing on vital factors like sewerage. The camps were hardly connected to a sewer line, which made disposal of waste materials a challenge (Hay 13). The internees in the camps had to shower cold water, as there was hardly provision of hot water. This was a challenge to the residents, especially during winter, when the temperatures are exceedingly low. It is noted that a family of six would stay in a single room (Kent 11). The scarcity of housing facility led to desperate measures. This included transportation of horse stalls into residential quarters. As a fact, the problem emanated from relocating 120, 000 Japanese from their homes into internment camps. This was a challenge to the internment camps, as they had to house a large population with limited resources.

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