Light peak( high speed opictal cable technology).

Light Peak is defined to as a new interface technology of peripheral which enable nodes to connect devices of peripheral or other nodes through an optical connector. Use of optical technology has been in the industry for quite sometime. Telecom companies have used it for networking for years. Light, instead of a wire, is considered much more efficient means of relaying enormous data over long distances. The challenge is optical modules used in conversion of the electrical signals into optical were exceedingly large and expensive. By use of the newly come technology, there is a possibility for the firm to produce affordable and compact optical modules.

There are several outstanding differences between optical cabling and electrical cabling. However, the major advantage of using Light Peak technology is seen in optical cabling substituting electrical cabling. Use of copper wire in inter-device communication has its demerits. The level of signal distortion increases with the increase in the distance and speed of transmission. Consequently, the interruption becomes too much that there is no reliable signal transmission between the peripheral and the computer. This explains the reason as to why peripheral cables have fixed lengths.

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Light peak( high speed opictal cable technology).
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Optical signals do not reflect the interruptions experienced when copper wire is used in signal transmission. This implies that optical cables can extend to serve longer distances compared to copper wire. Additionally, optical fibers are much thinner enabling more flexibility in cabling compared to bundles of copper wire. A recommended cable of Light Peak is almost of the same size of a strand of human hair. These optical cables can be increased up to a length of100 meters that will effectively serve every place within a household as well as enough for businesses.

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