Lily’s Perpective on racisim.


hin the protagonists life, this brief analysis will focus upon these compliments as a means of seeking to determine an underlying truth to the way in which the storyline an individual experience of Lilly came to be differentiated. Even though the Lilly did not suffer from abject levels of rule and spiteful racism, within the instances indicated from the film, she was impacted by it at each and every level and this tacit degree of racism ultimately restricted the perspective, hopes, dreams, and realities that she was able to engage for her own life.

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Lily’s Perpective on racisim.
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Firstly, Lilly’s perspective is fist indicated to be formed with regards to the fact that she is forced into a state of exile and must leave her home, leave her friends, and leave all that she knows due to the fact that pervasive levels of racism during this time to find the way in which life could be experienced and the certainty of living in one location guaranteed (Riley 10). However, more specifically, the pervasive elements of racism within society are indicated throughout the film and not only restricted to the interpersonal relationships that Lilly and/or any other individual have. For instance, the impact that racism has can be felt with regards to the fact that both the Lilly and her caretaker feel like they have somehow found the promised land when they spot a jar of honey that instead of having a white person’s face upon the emblem that decorates it, instead has a black Madonna. This tacit level of acceptance with regards to the fact that society is unfair and unavailable to African-Americans fundamentally shift the way in which the viewer comes to integrate with the plot. Rather than merely seeing this as a tale of an individual who moves from one place to another and begins a new life that is no longer constrained by racial politics and racism, the film itself points to the fact that the fundamental corresponding theme between all of the locations within this particular movie is the fact that pervasive

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