Literary Analysis Paper.


lped each other and made life bearable, the aspect of race is brought out in the story however the social class which a person belongs to have a bigger role.

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 Literary Analysis Paper.
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The two characters have the ability to be victimizers since they have one another. They share the same fact of being left by their parents in St. Bonny’s. The reason for Twyla to be there was because “she danced for the whole night” and Roberta’s was because she was ill. Both girls felt the pain of being abandoned by their parents and it was the main reason that the girls remained together irrespective of their different races. The later meeting they had at the dinner was however described as not worm by Twyla. The aspect of their racial difference seemed to be an issue of the feeling. However, when the two ladies talk about their meeting they mention of how they lived together in Newburgh, a society that was segregated racially and also had different social and economic classes (Yurdasever 36).

Roberta got married to a rich person, and Twyla married a fireman. The hierarchies of power are involved with powerlessness and also intimidation. however, in the scene of business they are comprised with race. In the story Twyla described Maggie as being “sandy-colored,” and when Roberta referred to Maggie as a black person Twyla immediately rejected the idea. The memory of Twyla can get the question at this time. also to be questioned is the completeness of Twyla in terms of storytelling. She states “I could not be certain.” She questioned her memory and could not tell the race in which Maggie belonged. She only remembered that Maggie had semicircle legs and a kiddie hat. It indicates that the race was not a major issue in St. Bonny’s. However, in the community the two women are living the aspect of race has taken a new meaning (Yurdasever 39).

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