of credibility lingering in mind, it is important to explore some of the possible criteria that can be used to qualify internet information as credible.

Information credibility is heavily dependent a number of factors such as currency and citation presence among others. Credible information should be up to date thereby reflecting relevance and conformity with the changing times. Current information concurs with issues happening in the modern world. Research on different subjects is always being carried out implying that some of the earlier conclusions may be disputed. This is especially with technological advancements thereby creating greater room for improvements. For example, information on diseases is prone to change since as time advances there is likelihood of new discoveries. This implies that relying on relatively old sources may give information with omissions of advancements made. As such, conclusions drawn from such information may be deemed incomplete hence cannot be considered credible.

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Secondly, presence of source citations symbolizes information credibility since it shows that the topic in play has been researched upon. However, it is also important to check citations used to ensure that they are from trustworthy sources. In relation to citations, sources being used should also use credible references. This implies that use of information sources is seemingly interdependent. Additionally, information on sources should correspond to information on external trustworthy sources and conclusions. For example, internet users should ensure that a source corresponds to known facts about a given subject. Therefore, citation presence may be used to determine information credibility.

Internet users can determine information credibility by concentrating on the website’s outlook. Scholarly sites have a consistent page design that is attractive yet maintaining professionalism.

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