Love is like a Battlefield.

Clearly and evidently shown through the words and the lyrics of the song/poem, “Battlefield” is a story about two lovers who experience constant arguing and fighting. That is the main plot of the whole story. Lines such as “We could pretend that we are friends tonight” suggest that the two were in conflict and were fighting during that time.

This poem basically, is an expression of confusion and perplexity of love between two people put into words. At first, their love is going smoothly, the relationship is okay, and it is great. However all of a sudden, they find themselves fighting and arguing endlessly against one another. This is shown in the second half of the very first line, which says, “One minute its love

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 Love is like a Battlefield.
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and suddenly its like a battlefield.” The person who is saying this is starting to become aware of what is happening in their relationship with each other. He or she feels as if their love, which was going steady and was strong in the beginning, is turning into a war where both are struggling and he or she is at a loss, and is deeply feeling crushed and overwhelmed by the situation that is happening between them.

In reality, this is inevitable. When one is in a relationship with another, there were would always be certain times when one or the other, or both deem as if love is starting to feel like a battlefield or a combat zone, instead of love that is a strong bond between two people who deeply love one another.

A military battlefield is described as a place where in two opposing and contrasting forces are armed with different kinds of weapons and fight against one another in the hope and goal of defeating the other. In a battle, one gains victory when the other is either defeated, surrenders or retreats.

Considering this fact, the poem is exactly describing a battle, a battle not of military conquest involving armies, but a battle of love.

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