Made in USA.

Regulators will also have to inform companies on the repercussions of making false claims about their products with regards to MIUSA.

Although in the past consumers preferred buying cheap, mass-produced products made in other countries, the trend is changing (Minchin 36). Consumers are now shying away from buying mass-produced goods because of their poor quality. According to market research, consumers say it is common to find flaws in goods mass-produced abroad for global markets. They prefer MIUSA products that are tailored for the US market. The MIUSA campaign will, therefore, ensure that the wishes of consumers fulfilled by offering them products of a higher quality.

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MIUSA matters a lot to consumers. Studies show that eight out of ten consumers are now willing to pay extra premiums to buy MIUSA products because they feel that mass-produced goods from abroad are poor in quality (Minchin 36). They are also concerned about the poor safety and working conditions of the people who make the cheap products they buy. I believe that in cases where a non-MIUSA product is strongly linked to poor health and safety conditions of the workers, consumers may decline to buy them. In addition to this, I believe that if non-MIUSA products are found to be violating any consumer protection laws and other sensitive regulations then consumers may refuse to buy them.

Wal-Mart says that its MIUSA initiative is aimed at manufacturing and economic improvement, especially since the slump experienced by US industries due to the large-scale importation of non-MIUSA products (Minchin 37). The company views it as a vital issue in the American economy. In addition, senior executives state that the price the company pays per item does not always represent its importation and storage costs. According to one source, the company buys excess when it imports.

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