Made Maid: Vision, Mission, and Strategic Analysis.


After establishing the initial branch in Jeddah, a second branch is expected to be put up within five years of operations. It is also expected to offer, after five years, courses for would be drivers, where the curriculum would include teaching aside from driving skills, the various routes in KSA, and driving rules and regulations within the kingdom. Just like the training program for domestic staff, student drivers will also be given courses on the Arabic language.

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Made Maid: Vision, Mission, and Strategic Analysis.
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Within ten years, a third branch is expected to be established within Jeddah. By this time, a branch will also be considered in Riyadh, the capital of KSA. In ten years time, therefore, Made Maid will have four branches in the entire kingdom. Financially, the company will aim for a 15 – 20 percent growth annually. All these plans are embodied in the target objectives of the company, to wit,

After setting the goals of the company, the firm will have to draw the strategies on how the goals and objectives will be achieved. Accordingly, every business must tailor a strategy to achieve its goals. Porter has suggested three generic types of strategies for achieving the set goals. These are:

In an overall cost leadership strategy, the company aims to achieve the lowest production and distribution costs, so that it can price lower than its competitors and win a large market share. Firms adopting this strategy are those that are good at engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and physical distribution and need less skill in marketing. However, among the pitfalls when adopting this strategy is that there will be other firms that will emerge with the lower cost of production and will hurt the firm that relied heavily on this strategy.

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