Make a claim on Hamlet play character.


get to the root cause and after the revelation provided by his father’s ghost is involved in scrutinizing the moral and immoral aftereffects of his revenging action towards Claudius.

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Make a claim on Hamlet play character.
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When Hamlet faces the death of his father, he was too much disturbed as he intensely loved his father and his loss became a sort of suffering for him but this suffering was made manifold when his mother soon after his father’s death married his uncle, Claudius. In his first soliloquy, Hamlet showed his disgust with life and stated that we are here to die and if suicide would not be prohibited in religion, he would have committed it. He said,

According to Hamlet, our body is not immortal as we have to die one day and he would have preferred to commit suicide and hug death if it was not made prohibited by religion. He considers himself chained and helpless. For Hamlet, the world appeared as useless and as a young man, he lost interest in life that was not only possible that he faced his father’s death, there was much more on his side that he felt intensely due to which, he said,

For him, everything of the world lost value and there was no more attraction left for him in the world. Hamlet saw no profit in being alive and to live in this world and the reason for all this was his mother’s hurried marriage with Claudius. He lost belief in any woman on this earth because as per his perceptions, if a mother is not trustworthy, then who else can be as he said,

Hamlet regarded his mother’s hasty marriage as incest because for him, she must have an extramarital affair with Claudius when his father was alive as such a marriage can only take place when both the members are pre-committed with one another. According to Hamlet, the tears that his mother shed on the death of his father were false and untrue as she soon washed her eyes and become betrothed to Claudius.

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