Make a list of your human capital.

In the office, computer literacy in MsOffice productivity tools such as MSword, excel, powerpoint and outlook is a basic requirement. The ability to surf and do research online is also now a required skill. The degree of required computer proficiency may vary but it is still needed in the new work place. I am happy to report that I could be a part of the modern workplace because I am very proficient in computers and also literate in using other devices. Without this knowledge about computers, one can only do manual labor which are not high paying such as doing construction work, flip burgers or wait tables in restaurants.

I consider my good health as a human capital because it enables me to do a lot of things. People who are very healthy may take this human capital for granted but this is actually very valuable because it ensures that we have the energy to achieve our goals and objectives. If we become sickly, we are almost out of the game of pursuing our dreams because we cannot physically pursue it.

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Make a list of your human capital.
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My social skills can also be considered as a human capital because it enables me to establish connection with other people whom I may need in the future. This human capital should not be underestimated because this skill provides the opportunity. Any skill or knowledge would be useless if there are no opportunities to use it.

My college education of course is an invaluable human capital. My college diploma guarantees my competency in my field of study and almost assure me of an above average salary upon employment. It also serves as a ticket for a long term career in any endeavor that I may choose where there is a huge possibility where I could assume executive position because of my education. Unlike with my other human capital where its possibility of being used as a source of income is very small, college education opens a lot of possibility for me to make a living.

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