Management and leadership.


In case of leadership, organizations like American Express, Li & Fung Limited, FM Global performs leadership role and puts a high priority on people, brands and values helps employees to make good decisions (O’Brien, 2011).

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Management and leadership.
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The management forms a formal relationship with the employees in an organization but leader’s forms an informal and comfortable relationship with the employees. The employees at American Express, Toyota, and Google are able to talk freely with its leaders and maintain a healthy relationship.

General electric’s leader Jack Welch is an example of a leader with all the traits of personal quality of a leader. He is articulate and has been able to convey the complicated concepts in few phrases. Management such as HP tends to practice the management style of providing the answers and solving the issues and problems.

Organization with leadership style has been able to bring about a change such as introducing new products and services. Companies like Toyota and Google has all adopted the leadership style and has achieved success.

Third trait constitute of social characteristic as the operational leader follows characteristic such as of cooperativeness, interpersonal skills, are diplomatic and are able to handle pressure with ease.

The three traits which are required for a leader in collaborative role includes personality, social characteristic and work related characteristic. The above traits are chosen because the collaborative leader is optimistic about his work self confident, they are admirable, have the desire to lead from the front and are independent.

And finally the collaborative leader constitutes of work related characteristic to show his dedication and drive to excel.

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