Management Communication.

I believe in this case, the best way to rejuvenate the team is through team building. This will help the team identify their strengths and weaknesses both as a group and as individuals and learn how to overcome the weaknesses while maximizing on their strengths. Following this option will help the team become even more functional and efficient than it was before.

C) Set up a white board and write down each issue that is raised. After you have compiled a list over a week or so, add a problem solving segment to each meeting, in which you and the team tackle each issue per meeting to determine the scope of each problems and identify possible solutions.

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This option is the best in my opinion because it will help accommodate everyone’s views and will also enable us to solve problems in a harmonious way. By creating a segment for problem solving, we shall be able to conduct our meetings with a lot of order and manage to handle emerging issues amicably as well.

I would fall for this candidate because I believe she posses the qualities that would make her be a top paralegal, her dress code notwithstanding. The work of a paralegal involves a lot of social interactions, offering assistance and dealing appropriately with clients and other employees. For her manner of dressing, I would advise her appropriately during the interview in order for her to fit in her new role.

a) A team should first agree on the projects goals proceeding to do any planning, researching or even writing. In this way, they will have a picture of how they want the project to be and where they intend to reach which the project and will guide the group in all their work throughout the project.

This option will relieve her of her worries and problems with the English language and will ensure she concentrates on what she does best in her programming role. This will lead to better program development through teamwork.

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