Management decisions and ethics.


The company’s responsibility to the environment also has stayed undeterred over the years. Being a steward of our natural resources, the company has been and will continue being committed to environmental sustainability to ensure that our home is protected and taken care of (Korhonen 25-39). It has always been our commitment to leave a positive impact on the environment our mining operations takes place. This environment includes the people or the community with which we interact. The people around us have for a long time been employed in the company and their families and the community enjoying the company’s contribution in healthcare and education.

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 Management decisions and ethics.
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By striving to do what is right always, Massey Energy has always been venturing into deals that bring aboard personnel and equipment that are supportive in attaining the vision of protecting the workers and the environment. These activities among others are based on the long-held principle by the company of maintaining focus on the fundamentals of the mining activities while still making sure that these activities are within the sound ethical and legal business practices. Our safety strategy popularly known as “S-1” (safety first) instills in the company a culture of safety. This strategy has brought into play a well-developed process that involves training, mentoring and monitoring risk reduction and innovation. Through a regular and comprehensive assessment of the safety situation, the company has been in a position to ensure a stable and safe workforce.

Currently, the corporate culture of the company is based on the priorities of safety, ethics and excellence, having treasured the people for the last fifty years. First, the company has always sought to be the employer of choice in the region. By considering the workers as an integral part of the company, we choose to refer to them as “members.”

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