Management of change.

Secondly, the choice of resistance to change as a major issue that Mark will face is informed by the fact that Mark has established a two-stage strategy that seeks to eliminate the weaker trainers and retain the stronger ones, meaning that the weak trainers will certainly apply resistance strategies to ensure that they are not eliminated.

According to the ADKAR Model of change management, effective change can only be attained, if the people targeted for change within the organization are well involved throughout the process of change. Thus, based on the provisions of the ADKAR Model, to make change successful, the people to be affected by the change must be made aware of the intended change (Bourda, 2013:5). Additionally, the ADKAR Model also provides that for change to be effective within an organization, the desire of the people affected by the change to participate and support the change must be cultivated, before the change process begins (Prosci Inc., 2012:4). However, in the NFW Corporation, Mark Jones is planning on instituting change within the organization through a secret process which the trainers will only become aware after they have passed the first stage of the interview process. The problem associated with Mark’s strategy is that it overlooks both the fundamental provisions of awareness creation and cultivation of desire for participation and support for change before beginning the change process, as provided under the ADKAR Model. This simply means that the trainers will be participating in the change process blindly, until at a later stage of the change process, when they will be informed of the impending transformation in their job description and also in their work practices.

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This strategy possess the danger of backfiring at the onset of the second-stage of the change process as planned by Mark, since once the trainers become aware of his plan to change both the job description and job practices,

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