He said, “Will the principles have any management code?” in his discussion, it shows that his principles came to shape the management of most organizations that were in existence and those to come. To date, his principles have formed the basis of management. However, management is not complete without leadership principles. Good leaders are managers and know what and how to manage. In espoused Stauffacher leadership principles, it is the full integration of management principles.

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Division of work: – it is clear that specialization by employees increases the output since they become increasingly efficient and skilled. The idea is to produce more and better outcomes using the same effort. This principle forms the basis of the modern economy which allows an increase in productivity. When my father bought another new car, I thought he would give me the old model. Ironically, he showed no interest to my plea. One day, we organized for a trip to the coast. As we were three sons, he decided that he will assign us various duties. It was not a punishment, but it was a way of making us learn something. He had been a senior manager for nearby tea estate and more often he had been applying his skills. I washed the car. my younger brother fetched the water while my elder brother dusts the seats. Since we wanted to go, we had to prove our desire by working diligently and committedly. In my little knowledge, I did my work because of the reward- going for a trip. Little did I know that it was one way of managing a small family. This will make every worker perform efficiently in his/her area. The overall outcome would be higher than no division of duties. In our house, we have employed people to assist us in daily chores. Since they cannot perform equally, we have assigned them duties according to their specialization. Some may work in the kitchen while others in the garden.

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