Managers and Communication.

The study has scrutinized the nature and function of communication. In addition, the methods of interpersonal communication have been identified namely. personal and interpersonal communication methods. Barriers to effective interpersonal communication and ways of overcoming those barriers have been discussed. In addition, the ways in which communication flow from to lower levels of management has been put forth. Additionally, the impact of technology in communication has been discussed.

The research methodologies employed in this study include Survey research design because under consideration the entire population under investigation. Moreover, questionnaires were utilized to collect data. Questionnaires were piloted and later distributed to 21 managers. Quantitative data was analyzed statistically using pie charts as indicated. The findings were obtained and recommendations were made.

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Managers and Communication entail the integration of communication by managers to ensure that there are seamless operations within an organization. Managers utilize communication to ensure proper coordination between the employees, suppliers, customers and all stakeholders within and outside the organization. Managers utilize communication to make decisions and solve organizational problems. Through communication, managers can be in a position to direct employee’s skills and efforts towards achieving organizational goals and objectives.&nbsp.Further communication help to solve problems that affect employees, this may help to prevent the bigger emergence of bigger problems that may affect the entire organization operation. In addition, managers utilize communication to pass the necessary information to the relevant departments in order to ensure that everything with an organization is learning properly.&nbsp.

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