Managing Quality in Health and Social Care.


The study scenario proves the quality perspectives in regard of the user perspective places emphasis on the value of consultation services offered in the clinic in ensuring the proper management of cancer through screening. The clients can never approve anything concerning the quality of health care services because of the various preferences to the consultation service they have encountered or would like to have in place working for them (Mollenkopf and Alan 215). Therefore, when it is an issue regarding the quality of consultation services offered in the hospital, the patients expect fast attendance within the stipulated time so that they can leave and attend to other crucial things elsewhere. What makes and keeps one satisfied regarding the quality of service is when things move on smoothly in terms of time and space while one is seeking consultation services in the hospital. The quality concept from the institutions perspective is ensuring a system that enhances timely attendance to the patients.

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 Managing Quality in Health and Social Care.
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The model that works best in such situations is the Philip Crosby model that emphasizes on doing thing right the first time (Bryans 64). The application of a model in ensuring quality service delivery in the hospital follows that the quality concept should start with the doctors, nurses, and receptionists in this case. Therefore, they have the mandate of making strategic improvements in ensuring that the patients have timely assistance whenever they come for consultations. The receptionists for instance should ensure that the patient’s records are available all the time to avoid inconveniences. On the other hand, the doctors and the nurses should ensure they have in place the needs of their client and work fast to meet the needs. In so doing, they will reduce the cancer cases thus finding it easier to manage the consultation services (Bryans 66).

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