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Peter and Harvey intend employing a sales force. Discuss why you think that this is a suitable way of promoting the business. In addition, analyse the options available to the brothers with regards t. The essay is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

In relation to sales force, it can be stated that sales force helps in building trust with the customers in the modern day context for marketing the products. The incorporation of sales force for the purpose of promotion can be considered as a way of generating enhanced revenues and income. It is the primary role of sales force to ensure that the organisation’s earnings are augmented. The competent sales force possesses the sales representatives who are involved with customers for maintaining relationship at all the stages of marketing (Leadley & Forsyth, 2004). In this process, it is possible for new customers to interact and moreover they are provided opportunities of learning about the branded goods offered by the company. Therefore, it can be stated that sales force assists in increasing awareness of brand and driving the dimensions of sales forward. Sales force further aids in re-involving customers with companies’ offerings through providing discounts, initiating promotions as well as communication by means of representatives. The benefits of sales force can be identified as enhancement of brand awareness, improvement in the loyalty of the organisation amid the consumers along with increasing the revenues of the organisation. It can also be stated that sales force helps in building trust of the customers by providing quality products to them and maintaining customer satisfaction (Mullin & Cummins, 2008). In this context, it can also be highlighted that after the establishment of sales force, it would facilitate in creating enthusiasm of the products and services offered to the customers in the global market context (Blythe, 2006). Furthermore, with the usage of social media, it would facilitate the organisation in connecting with the potential customers as well as promoting sales and providing information.

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Manchester region
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