Manhattan (New york)’s Urban space.

Manhattan is considered as a regional leader where education, entertainment, communication and health care is concerned and in addition serves a three county population of about 200,000 people in the surrounding areas. Other amenities that Manhattan can boast of are both private and public educational centres and numerous universities that cater to a mixture of diverse cultures.

The famous Kansas State University which was established in 1863 was the first successful land – grant university system that was established in the United States. This famous university houses eight colleges that represent 60 different departments of various specialized subjects.

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Manhattan (New york)’s Urban space.
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Manhattan boasts of beautiful scenic public parks, and zoos like the American zoo and the Sunset zoo. It is also quite famous for various sports facilities which include stunning golf courses. In addition to these, Manhattan is well known for its exceptional trail system that is indispensable to both bikers and walkers and which is also easily accessible to disabled people. Te trail is nine miles long and circles around half of the community.

Manhattan City is committed to development and progress and continues in its quest to achieve it. Its municipal planning of the city is not only progressive but works with a vision and forward thinking. Since the 1980’s, one of the most significant developments that took place was the construction of a 300,000 square foot shopping mall situated in downtown Manhattan. The past decade has seen the construction of a new airport terminal called the “Manhattan Regional Airport.” The city has also seen the construction of the Northeast Community Park and it has now undertaken a major project initiative of downtown redevelopment in order to enhance the Town center Hall north and south of Manhattan.

Geographically speaking, the character of Manhattan was largely shaped by its Geographical outlay.

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