Marconi Jicks-Managing change in a company in severe crisis.


First, Managing Individual Emotions and Reactions to Change is the most complex and difficult due to the fact that nobody can please everybody and most especially nobody can satisfy the desire and need of everybody. Each person has needs that define their motivation which ultimately dictate their emotions and reactions.

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Marconi Jicks-Managing change in a company in severe crisis.
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The Marconi stakeholders are no different. The mismanagement of the individual’s emotion and the resulting reaction to change is likened to a virus that can infect everybody making the company collectively resistant to any needed change.

Second, Implementing the Change Agenda, Incorporating Hard and Soft Elements, after being threatened July 2001 to be put out of the job, each of Marconi’s remaining employees have their backs against the wall already. False application of the diplomatic or persuasive approach also known as the soft approach may not hold true to everybody the same is true to the opposite or hard approach.

And Fifth, Leadership of Change is the least complex and difficult of all the issues since Mike Parton already has the imprimatur to effect change from the leadership of Marconi and is recognized by all stakeholders.

Men are nonetheless resilient to change. Adversities or crisis in a culture normally makes the entire society more cohesive in achieving a common goal. However, a crisis that threatens the very livelihood of the employees tends to make each individual to prioritize providing for their family first instead of dwelling in abstract concepts such as the impetus to change.

The measure of the conference’s impact can be effectively determined by the amount of change that happened thence and the actual support it garnered amongst the different stakeholders. The conference was able to show the presence of Mike Parton and the commitment of the leadership of Marconi which settled the percolating restiveness in the company amongst the stakeholders.

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