Marketing Communication Plan for Gap 360.


all also identify that have an influence within the external and the internal micro and macro environment in the gap travel period and the market within which they operate.

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Marketing Communication Plan for Gap 360.
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The key strengths of the company are a strong management team and deep market knowledge. This is supported by a healthy knowledge of web and strong design contacts that help to build a stronger travel network. Good understanding of social networking and internet marketing supported by plenty of financials support the Gap 360’s plans. The key weaknesses for Gap 360 is the economic slowdown and the rise in the number of small competitors has contributed towards rising costs of marketing and raise the difficulty in gaining the desired speed of SEO. The key opportunities that face Gap 360 include significant opportunities to hire top talent at cheap costs because of the economic scenario. Additionally, the company also has the advantage of economies of large scale operations in competition to smaller firms that operate with high overhead costs. Quick corporate structure and strategic partnerships can speed up the growth process for the company. The few threats the Gap 360 needs to be careful about encompass the weak economic condition that reduces the disposable income at the hands of the consumer who, in turn, reduces his spending on leisure travel. Investment shortfall and inefficiency in operations might also cause serious setbacks (Hill and Jones, 2012. Goodley, 2010).

The political scenario of United Kingdom is quite stable while the company organizes travel trips to those countries which are safe for leisure and educational travel. On the economic front, the company is facing tough times due to the weakening UK economy and the financial crisis that caused it. UK spending on leisure activities has reduced and there is a huge unemployment problem. The social scenario looks favourable to support gap year travels.

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