The quality of the brand and services offered by the company have improved, but the company has tried to personify the introduced products in such sophisticated manner, so as to attract the focus and interest of the customers. topped with whipped cream and a dusting of toffee sprinkles, McDonalds version of this traditional delicacy is a luxurious tasty treat (Burt,

2007) is one of the notations associated with the particular product.

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The McDonalds has been successful in offering convincing experience which has enthralled and delighted the customers, the company instead of coming up to the expectations of the customers, has further enhanced the level of their taste through magnificent offerings. The chairman of the McDonalds has agreed and stressed upon the effectiveness of such strategy, the one common thread to the success of these stories and the company is that they have to be true and they have to be authentic (Burt, 2007). As per the current record of the sales, and future prediction of the sales on the basis of current trend are encouraging, by the end of 2012 the sales of the Schultz will be three times higher and will reach the mark of twenty three billion US dollars. The company has revealed a comprehensive plan aimed at the expansion of units, more than forty thousand stores are expected to be launched in the coming few years.

Keeping in view the mission statement of the company, which aims at the establishment of the McDonalds as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining the uncompromising principles during growth (Burt, 2007), the mission statement is in lieu with the planned and present activities of the company, and by the end of next five years, the company is expected to achieve the glory highlighted in the statement. The company has decided to create a healthy work environment, which is expected to develop positive consequences on the performance of the company.

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