Marketing in Travel and tourism.

This would require that the travel and the tourism organizations understand the demands of their customers meaning anticipation and identification of their wants and needs. Anticipating and identifying when used in travel and tourism marketing depends on effective market research that would involve researching on both the existing and potential markets. In marketing research, it is important that the customers be classified according to their socio-economic status, lifestyles, and family circumstances, gender among other factors. This may involve primary research such as surveys, observations or questionnaires and secondary research such as statistics and records, which may be qualitative or quantitative in nature. While classifying customers it is important to note that the target market consists of a whole group of potential customers from the entire population. It is therefore better for those involved in marketing of travel and tourism to define the target market as a collection of segments, what is normally referred to as market segmentation. When the market is segmented, each segment has distinct characteristics and its needs and wants must be satisfied in order to have the best results shown through profits earned.

Various studies have dealt with tourist motivations and market segmentation showing that the factors that motivate tourists for leisure travel and tourism can be classified into two types that is the “push” and “pull” factors (Mehmet 2011, p.153). It is therefore imperative that stakeholders in the travel and tourism sectors must have a proper analysis on tourist motivation and related activities in order to understand leisure tourist destination choices. These factors also enhance the image of destinations and the interplay with satisfaction and loyalty of tourists that procure these services of tour and travel.

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